The Cards as a Tool for Conscious Work

The alphabet is by many means the genetic code of our consciousness – in the book of yetzirah it is written that the letters are the building materials of reality itself. Working with these materials is an exciting opportunity for us to create our reality and discover others. We want to invite you to play […]

To All Curious Souls

Dear readers, ancient explorers, curious and excited Ones. We are deeply honored to write and edit this book of elaborations on the omens cards and the Hebrew alphabet. This book is an attempt to summarize many years of research and exploration – a process that started out with a feeling of unease, the same feeling […]

The magic of the Hebrew letter

The Hebrew alphabet is one of the most ancient in the world, we can still find inside it remnants of codes embedded from patterns of phinique, ashuric, and proto Canaanite – that are believed to be the first phonetic languages. The uniqueness here, is that the Hebrew alphabet is still in use – now, more […]