To All Curious Souls

Dear readers, ancient explorers, curious and excited Ones. We are deeply honored to write and edit this book of elaborations on the omens cards and the Hebrew alphabet. This book is an attempt to summarize many years of research and exploration – a process that started out with a feeling of unease, the same feeling that fills almost every person that tries to confront the Hebrew alphabet for the first time – confronting pure abstraction out of context. We made a tremendous effort to make the experience of working with this deck as wild and raw as we could – we did this in order to help you encounter this ancient alphabet in an intimate and personal fashion. We perceive this book as an addition to the deck – which is the main tool in this project. On that same note, this book is not an instruction manual – it is the result of our personal journey of discovering the treasures embedded in the Hebrew letters. This book is here to inspire your journey – not to predetermine your path. In Hebrew, the tongue and lips – are also different names for language – the tools of creating language is the language itself – the Hebrew alphabet is full of treasures, riddles and secrets that are hidden in plain sight – all we have to do is dive in. you will notice the unique style in which this book is written – a combination of spirituality, inspired emotions, and an academic approach at times – and all in the same sentence. We chose this literate style as a portrayal of our approach to this project. 

We are happy and grateful that you have chosen to join us on this journey – and hope you have a deep and meaningful encounter with the Hebrew alphabet through the prism we have forged. We realize that approaching the Hebrew alphabet as non-Hebrew speakers can be intimidatin, but it gives you the opportunity to encounter this fascinating code with an innocence and purity that many Hebrew speakers could never experience. This ancient tongue was never used as an everyday language, it was only used for spiritual purposes. Only in the last century did so many people start using it as their tool for communication. We welcome you to contact us and share your experience with these cards so we can improve the experience for English speakers.